Monday, May 13, 2013


Monday again.

It was Monday - a shop day.
Lots to do.
I spent a while re-organising my section - lots of spaces.
I was glad of the small side table and stool that I had bought yesterday.
Then I had to make price tickets for the new stock.
I hardly had time to look at my sales of the last four weeks.
There were lots of sales - almost everyday. Tomorrow I will go through the books, crossing things off and working out my profits; the start of a new holiday fund to take me to Thailand once again.
Jet lag has not yet gone away - worse for Bill.
I just felt completely exhausted when we got back from the shop.
Neither of us are eating much.
And yet I ate too much! I bought Bill the very best sandwich for his lunch - but he refused.
Couldn't waste I ate it.
I know the rules and dared to disobey. There was cheese in the sandwich - should have wasted that.
Very quickly my body was reminding me of how unwise it is to break the rules.

Today I have described Ban Rong and  our trip there.