Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Tomorrow is almost here.

Bags truly are packed now.
But there is something missing......where on earth did I put it?
I have never taken a driving licence with me in the past; there are 3 drivers in the family and I am happy to sit with children and enjoy the sights.
This year, I decided to take it.....just in case.
I am thinking I may not have seen it since the last trip to Thailand. I may have removed it from my purse and put it in a safe place 18 months ago.
But which safe place?
There is also the chance that I have simply lost it. But replacing it must wait until our return.
Shame to pay and replace it this year, because next year I shall have to have a new one anyway - every 3 years after 70.
Not a major disaster.
The three of them can still drive me about.
And I won't need it for moped riding.
Today has been quiet.
We called in for a chat with Julie after a brief trip to Asda.
Frieda came round here for a chat this afternoon.
The taxi has been ordered to take us to Gatwick.....from there we get a coach up to Heathrow.
It's quite late in the day that we leave.
Hopefully I will get some sleep through the night on the plane.

And here is where we are heading for........


Well, this is just one small part of the Phuket experience - and a very good part.
Jamie's blog shows the rural nature of what we find when we get to our destination.
I doubt that I will walk round the reservoir.......though I would like to.
But I can't do it at Jamie's pace.
We'll see.

There will be blogs whilst we are away. Between us we will produce hundreds of photos.
Some people will see them on facebook. Many family members see Jamie or mam's postings and I can share some of there pictures on that network. And hopefully a few will  appear here.

Have a good time everybody during the end of April and into May. The cowslips have burst into flower in our garden and the hedgerows are just beginning to look  that lovely new fresh green.