Friday, April 12, 2013



Bags are packed (sort of).....but we are not yet ready to go.
There is quite a lot of living to do before then.
We pack in different ways. I do it quickly, snap decisions and hopes that I have got it right.
Bill dithers and worries  that he has got it wrong.
The first job was to pull out what we would be wearing for the journey. Paula....finished in 2 minutes.
Bill spent ten minutes plus standing by the wardrobe door wondering what shirt to wear on Wednedsay,
Then came the problem of whether to wear short sleeves or long sleeves!
It is difficult (maybe)......we will be waiting for the coach at Gatwick Airport up to Heathrow late afternoon and it could feel chilly.
Twenty four hours later it will feel far from chilly - mid 30s centigrade.
Anyway - it is done.
This afternoon I completed re-labelling the final box of things which had been shop stock and will be taken to a car boot sale to sell at the end of May or beginning of June.
It feels good to discard my failures.
I need the very best of my type of stock in the Dorking shop......and quite a lot of what I have, I now deem to be second best.
We popped out for a short while.....friends are coming for dinner tomorrow evening and I wanted some fresh vegetables.
Time for a cuppa.