Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Pottering day and holiday memories.

  Strange picture for my blog.

It's not very good, but I am very proud of it!

I had been wondering how to get photos I had taken using my phone onto facebook.

Woo hoo! I did it....not without some help though.

It has been a day for going hither and thither,
First to the post office for parcels......I actually discovered that one weight of small parcel had gone down in price.
Haven't looked to see how the new weights and prices work out over all.
Then we booked hair cuts for tomorrow.

Then came the complicated bit....surely it didn't need to be a problem?
Because we will be away we are having to plan our medications in advance.
We order them on line. There is a space for extra instructions.....don't know why they bother with that; they don't seem to read the extra instructions.
Bill's medication had not yet arrived at the pharmacy. Mine had....but with only one lot of sertraline, which I get every 4 weeks. I had asked for 2 lots.
So, over to the doctor's to sort that one out.
We thought that maybe we had sorted Bill's out too.
The pharmacist phoned later to say that Bill's stuff had arrived.....what about the methotrexate, I inquired. He needs 2 lots of it.
Only one was there.
So, off to the pharmacy again and then back to the doctor's.
Hopefully it has all been sorted.

In between time we called in at Asda, mostly for bits and pieces to take away. And we went to Debenhams, for undergarments.
Where were the Sloggis? None to fit me.
I have bought something different - if they are good, all is well. If not, back for Sloggis when they get them in.
PS - Sloggis are knickers!

This afternoon we went to see Bill's sister, Jane.
Bother my phone doesn't seem to work in her house....and I wanted to show her some family photos.

The young man in the Vodaphone shop was so nice and helpful.
The reason why I could do so little on the phone was that I needed to register.
I kept trying....and failing.
I hadn't realised that, being a Microsoft phone, I needed a Microsoft (hotmail) email address.
He set that up for me.
And then showed me how to upload photos.

Now I have to learn how to use the different lenses and editing tools. I am not one to pass on unedited photos to family and friends.

My artist friend posted some photos today - such a nostalgic collection for me.

I hope my brother can see just where this was taken.
It is close to where our family holidays were enjoyed on the South Downs,

And there is "camp" on Beddingham Hill, The year is 1954.
We are looking towards Mount Caburn.

Fantastic portrait of my great aunt Nelly, who lived at Firle.
I assume this is the A27 road.
It's not like that these days.