Saturday, March 23, 2013


Twas the week before Easter.

There it was a again.....we woke to a covering of snow and it continued o snow all the morning.
It was a very wet snow and not at all troublesome.
Having peered at the snow, we enjoyed a very leisurely cup of tea in bed, listening to The Sounds of the 60s on Radio 2.
Brian Matthew seems to have been on Saturday morning radio almost all my life. He was doing Saturday Club in the 1960s; there have been gaps, of course. He began Sounds of the 60s in 1990, taking over from Keith Fordyce.
His voice, his style and his knowledge are just part of my life. long may he continue - he is 84 now.
I felt very negative this dare it be so cold still?
So, when we appraised our need for bread and a few bits, I suggested that we go to the local farm shop and have a pot of tea and share a toasted sandwich in that warm friendly atmosphere.
I took a risk with the toasted sandwich - bacon, cheese and red onion.
Yes, it was lovely, and it did the trick. I had more oomph on our return and, so far, my digestion has behaved.
I came home and played with some photos I took whilst we were out.
Then I made a cream sponge......the first cake I have made for years. It's not up to my old standards - but I discovered the only flour I had was gluten free wheat flour.
We have eaten sausages and mash - with loads of veg, mushrooms and onions. Plenty left for tomorrow.
And it has been Saturday night at the movies again.
It was Mona Lisa, starring Julia Roberts. Loved the fashions - college girls in 1954. Loved the film too - art criticism and the role of women in society.
Now for my little bit of fun with photos today.

The view from the tea shop.
What a gloomy day.
But almost all the snow had gone.

First it was gloomy - so let's brighten things up.

Then I played with carrots.

And played with apples.

March of the Easter chicks.

Lots of Easter things about now.
Hard to believe, from seemingly the depths of winter that in a week's time Easter bonnets should be on parade.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Fontwell to a large antiques fair.