Friday, March 22, 2013


Out for tea.

It was Bill's blood test this morning, followed by a bit of shopping.

This afternoon we have been out for tea - at cousin Ann's.
She is a dear - getting a bit fragile.
But at the moment she is stronger than her younger sister, Betty. Ann is 84 and Betty is 81.
Ann commented that Betty was always the strong one. Certainly Betty was always active with needlecrafts, circle dancing and cooking.
But Betty is ill right now - the liver is very much at risk, leading to problems with the pancreas. She is very jaundiced.
East Surrey had told her that she must be moved to Guildford because they can't deal with her problem.
This is, indeed, worrying.
In my eyes - being moved to Guildford can mean that a cancer is a problem.
That's how it was for me in 1991, and much much earlier for my mother.
At Betty's age any problem is worrying.
But once we had chewed over all our health problems, we could relax a while and chat and laugh.

Weather remains disappointing......but this time we have been spared the difficulties of blizzards or floods.
For the next 4 days we are promised more of the same - cold, not more than 3 degrees; and the icy wind making it feel 6 degrees colder than that.
I might look for an antiques fair to go to. Other than that, it looks like a weekend at home.