Thursday, March 21, 2013


Time to go....wish winter would go.

Fed up!
And so very tired.
I am physically tired and just plain tired of cold and/or wet weather.
It was bitterly cold at Ford.
There were lots of stalls, but I found it hard to concentrate, despite layers of clothes.
Within minutes I had bought a kitchen table from our "friend" Steve. It has a blue check top. I love it.
I hope that the customers will love it too.
I sold the last kitchen table I had.
I bought 2 books - interesting old books. I have the Big Book of Aeroplanes, dated 1931.
The other is a hard back book called The Army Pageant - description of the scenes of military history (from Battle of Hastings to Wellington) acted out at Fulham Palace from 20th June to 2nd July 1910. There are pictures.
I just looked it up - it's worth only about £10.
And that was it - my meagre purchases.
We were glad to abandon the boot sale and be in Littlehampton with eggs benedict on the table and cups of steaming tea.
When we came out that easterly icy wind took our breath away and we felt no inclination to go walking by the sea and river.
This afternoon, I looked back to photos of Littlehampton at this time last year. It was a beautiful day and the beach was busy, busy with people in shirtsleeves and bathing costumes.

Yes, this time last year we were enjoying hot sunshine....and a hose pipe ban. Since then we have had the wettest English year ever and one of the coldest Marches.

But 4 weeks today we will have landed on Phuket and might have eaten at The Beach Bar to celebrate daughter in law's birthday!
Now there's a beautiful thought to take to bed.