Monday, March 11, 2013


Wild white winter

They said there would be snow.
We woke to a wild, white world.
It was fascinatingly awful!
The depth of snow was not great, but it was a fine powdery snow and the fierce east wind whipped it up again and again and blew it frantically across the land. It whipped it from roadways, grass and rooftops.
The birds must have realised they were in for a day of it and hurriedly got some food from our bird table area....loads of them; small birds of all kinds. And there was one bigger bird that I have not seen in our garden before - a female pheasant.
The local news report told of near gridlock on our roads - the main roads.
We decided to leave late for Dorking - at least get the morning rush hour traffic out of the way; not that much was rushing anywhere. People were taking an hour and  a half to travel the 10 to 15 miles from Bolney to Crawley.
Later, we had no trouble on our journey.
Indeed, when we arrived in Dorking we could understand that people wondered why we had arrived late.
It was snowing there, true; but hardly settling.
The roads and pavements were clear.
Stephen was already in the shop, when we arrived, sorting a few things customers were not inconvenienced one bit by our late arrival.
Though there hadn't actually been any sales.
I had a few things to sort out too....the lovely kitchen table had gone.
The chapel chair and a pair of G Plan style coffee tables are in.
There were people in this afternoon, enjoying a chat, a browse and buying some things. I enjoyed their company.
I still have things that need pricing up.
I'll do that tomorrow.
We are doing tomorrow, whilst Jo is on holiday....and later on she and Mick will cover a Monday for us.
We left the shop about 10 minutes early.
Out into that biting wind........but not out onto snowy surfaces.
It was amazing that just as we crossed the Surrey/Sussex border we hit the bad weather.
Large amounts of snow had fallen and still it was being whipped up by the wind. The temperature was falling and roads were icy in places.
We heard too of roads closed by fallen trees. The fierce wind was reeking havoc.
It has continued to snow hard since we got home. Bill cleared the path when got back - but he might as well not have bothered.