Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Did I miss the Spring?

Cough! Cough! Cough!
That's been me this evening......and at times during the nights.
But the day has been a lovely one - with blue skies and sunshine.
But we were unable to take advantage of a Spring day.
The car was at the garage for its MOT test and annual service. An expensive business! Particularly as it was found that we needed 4 new tyres.
We went into town. It looked like something was wrong with my mobile phone.
It was simple to put right.
But the failure did lead me to wonder if I could or should upgrade my phone. I have wanted to for a while.
And that is what I have done.
I discovered how little more money it would cost me to have  a phone that can link me to facebook and emails and the world wide web.
I had already been paying £10 a month to cover calls....just calls.
I am now paying £20 and, what little innocent me didn't realise is that I didn't actually have to buy a new phone. Phones come free with the contract.
It will arrive tomorrow....they didn't have the Windows phone that I wanted.
I would never claim to have brand loyalty, but - when we decided to get mobile phones 6 years ago, we found the staff in Vodaphone more helpful and thoughtful than any of the other places.
I returned there today and Sean was brilliant......treated me like an intelligent human being who would never be wanting every new gadget and gizmo that might be available.
I'll sort out telling family and friends the new number in due course. The old one will be operational for 30 more days.
For the rest of the day I have rested.....and slept.
The sinuses cause me to feel dizzy. I am so tired.
But I am getting better. The voice is croaky but audible.