Friday, March 01, 2013


Catching up with the week's news.

As I have been in Newcastle for the last few days of blog, I thought I should just catch up a bit with the more mundane.
Possibly there has been too much activity.
My cold has sunk to my chest now - I am coughing and have a croaky voice and feel quite run down.
I know, Ashley - up there in Geordie Land, feels much the same.
On Tuesday we didn't do very much - I hoped the rest would help me overcome the bug.
On Wednesday we had to buy some food.
We went to Tulley's Farm to buy some things. But I wasn't very pleased with the place. It's far too commercialised and I get the feeling that the goats and sheep are there to create the illusion of being a proper farm.
I was disappointed that one couldn't even know where the potatoes came from - supermarkets do rather better on that score.
Got most of our food stuff from Lidls.
In the afternoon we went to deliver a card to Phyllis - the widow of our friend who died whilst riding his bike last Sunday.
Phyllis was glad to have people and a distraction from being alone.
She has to wait for an inquest before she can even begin to start organising things. Fortunately the 3 offspring are on hand to give support.
Because we live close to her, I felt it important to pass on as much news as possible to others in the athletics world. So I have had emails and telephone conversations with old friends this week.
On Thursday we went to Ford. I am pleased with things I bought - haven't sorted anything yet.
I bought 3 dresses (2 Monsoon and 1 Laura Ashley) for £10.
We came home via Storrington for a cup of tea and toasted tea cake.
Then we visited another farm shop. This one was good, with a very friendly farmer's wife who told us where all the produce came from. They grow many of the vegetables.
It was lovely - out in the country near Barns Green and it smelled like a farm.
In the evening we joined Bill's sister Julie and her husband for a meal - a Wetherspoon's curry.
By good fortune (I thought) there was not a table free in the Crawley pub and we had taken the car into the town; so we drove to Horley to a much more pleasant Wetherspoon's pub. I really enjoyed my chickpea, sweet potato and spinach curry, all the trimmings and a big glass of soda and lime.
J and R decided that now they have found The Jack Fairman in Horley, it would be their first choice too.
By the time we got home my voice had gone (too much chatting?) and my chest felt tight.
I felt reasonable this morning and we had some things to do in town. We walked. Did some shopping and then got the bus home.
Certainly I rested this afternoon.
Tomorrow will be busy - it is my Saturday in the shop.