Sunday, February 17, 2013


Sunday - day of rest.

What a lovely tempting to think that winter is behind us.
It seemed strange not to go anywhere to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fresh air.
But we had things to do at home....above all we needed some rest.
I have written up most of the things I bought on Saturday and have evolved a little plan in my mind for a fresh display in the shop.
Bill was out for a while, cleaning the car.
We have also packed as much as we can for our Newcastle trip.We will be busy all day tomorrow, so it seemed wise to sort out medications and my wee bag requirements whilst we we had time to spare. Most of my clothes are in the bag as well.
I enjoyed some time writing another random Crawley blog.

I have seen a clip today of The Kidz....Jess singing and John on guitar. They performed at the Phuket Old Town Festival yesterday night.
I have threatened Jamie that I might make a visit on my own this time next year so as to be there.

Ashley was also "performing" today - preaching. I forgot to phone to ask him he felt about it. I am sure his listeners must have felt awestruck at his expertise.

It looks like it was very similar weather on this Sunday 5 years ago.
We had been there early for a car boot sale.
This is a look at Harveys Brewery under a brilliant blue sky.