Thursday, February 14, 2013


Love is strange.

This sums up my attitude to Valentines' Day.
It certainly doesn't say anything about my views on love.
But no amount of pink hearts, red roses, chocolates and jewellery can match real love.
But for those that enjoy all the symbolism I hope your happiness is complete.

One loving young couple have let their love spill over today.
My nephew and his lady (so in love) saw their baby for the first time today - a 12 week scan.
Now that made for a special Valentine's day.

Oscar Pistorius seems to have had enough of love today. I am in no position to judge what has happened - but it does feel like this hero of sport has let me down.
I didn't warm to him at first - rather arrogant and determined to have and do what he wanted, I thought.
But on the last night in the Olympic Stadium I was carried by his strength and speed and cheered with the 80,000 others when he won the 400 metre Paralympic Gold.
His beautiful lady has gone.....and his own life of fame and  fortune must be seen, probably, to have been thrown away.

Love is strange!

The day in Monkland has not been full of hearts and flowers - just not our style.
Dinner this evening was a second serving of yesterday's chicken casserole.
I jazzed it up a bit - too much for one of the diners.
I put a few chillis in.
Aren't they supposed to have aphrodisiac properties?
It certainly wasn't too much for me. Looks like I shall have to make meals and then split the amount into two dishes and  zing up one more than the other.

This afternoon we went to see one of Bill's sisters and her husband. She has many health challenges just now and her social life tends to revolve around trips to the hospital for this test and that test and being seen by doctors.
It is good to sit and chat.

The evening is slipping away. We will have a cup of tea and a cake before bedtime - reduced in Asda. They look yummy.