Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Buchan Park

This afternoon we braved the chilly wind for a walk in Buchan Park.
The park is now run by West Sussex County Council, having been privately owned before.
It was the Saillard family who created the lakes (or ponds as these are known as). Mr Saillard made his fortune from playing cards and ostrich feathers.
I think that WSCC are doing a good job - managed woodland and heathland. Activities are provided too.
Here are a few of the photos taken.

Mr Saillard had small towers built at the point where water can flow over from the lake to the stream below.

Saplings and ripples.

Reflections surround Island Pond.

I like ducks.
But even more, I liked the reflections and the ripples.

Tall, tall silver birches.

We moved from the lakeside to the heathland.
I love the wild open spaces.
Though this heathland is less wild that it might appear, for it is expertly managed and new heathland has been created.

Grasses and heathers.

A house of wood and straw amongst the trees.

Come on in, Bill. It's lovely and warm.

Looking up into the top of the dome.

Amongst the woodland crafts are sculptures.

I love this one.
I moved in closer and took a second shot.

We are very fortunate to have so many lovely places to walk, close to home.