Monday, February 04, 2013


Just a brief sales report.

The good people of Dorking were not in need of antiques today!
We sold 2 cheap things during the 7 hours that we were there.
The first was a book of mine - 1950s boys book of transport; bought for a 21st birthday gift.
It was a book that I had slotted into Bill's section.
The other was a St Christopher, bought as a little retirement gift for a friend.
It had to be a St Christopher and being on a chain was not important.
I spent a long time with a sweet elderly couple seeking out St Christophers.....I found 3 of them.
The couple were really appreciative of my enthusiasm and help.
I even found them a little box for the one they chose.
It was good to have something to do!

I also gave myself a bit to do during the morning.
You guessed it - rearranging things. It kept me warm.
Now that I am slowly absorbing my more masculine items into Bill's section, I needed less space. I swapped round those things with the juvenile things.
That felt good.

Time for a cup of tea and a session with Mrs Brown. I am surprised I like it!