Friday, February 01, 2013


Currant bun crimes.

Maybe it was the currant buns what done it!
Or maybe it was the buttery substance spread on the currant buns.
Or maybe it is just one of those things.
I have a flare up. The gipping flut has arrived to make its presence felt.
Back to the "maybes"
Maybe it is a good thing to have  reminders of my fluctuating fragility. Maybe I will look after myself a bit better.
Can't think much this evening....the gipping flut has taken over.
Bed time soon and some tablets.
I did get out this morning.
Yesterday I suddenly felt I couldn't stand my straggly hair. Hooray - Rob could fit me in today.
At least I might look a bit neater.
Rob talked about life....and death. His girlfriend has so much wrong, including a terminal cancer. Nobody can say much about the cancer - or how long?
I know I can help him by listening. 
I printed photos from the second half of January - just my very favourite ones; the ones I feel most proud of - for any number of reasons.
Time for a cuppa.
Sleep cometh.... hope it gives me lots of strength to deal with a Saurday in the shop.

PS - Grandma and Grandad have a tendency to play with words a little and like many couples we have a bit of a language of our own.
Gipping flut is formed from swopping initial sounds of "flipping gut" level of swearing is very mild! Often not much worse than "Bother!".