Sunday, February 03, 2013


The mirror at the vineyard.

The day looked dull and felt chilly.
We turned our thoughts away from a  car boot sale and went to an antiques fair.This one was at Denbies - just outside Dorking.
Denbies is famous for its wines.
But I have discovered that it is much more than that.
There is a brewery, a farm shop, a smart restaurant, an art gallery.
We must return to walk in the hills above - on a bright sunny day. The hills belong to The National Trust.
There are well marked nature trails.

This is a web site photograph......the vines are far too green for very early February.

This is how things looked this morning, with the vineyards nestling under Box Hill.

The antiques fair was quite small - and very feminine in style. Nothing there for Bill.
The prices on the whole were a little above what I would put on things in the shop - so I was unwilling to buy.
The best looking stalls had things for sale that I am pretty certain had actually come from me!
I did buy 2 things - a measuring flask for the kitchen shelf and a miniature handbag mirror.

It is just 4 inches long (10cms).
I am sure that the back has been hand made.

I don't know the age of it....certainly doesn't fit with 1950s style things.
But isn't it sweet?

I was quite keen to have a cup of tea there - not in the smart restaurant which is at the top of the tower. There is a huge conservatory with a high roof at the back of the building which houses a more basic cafe.
But Bill was keen to get I had a very cheap cup of tea at home instead.

This afternoon we went shopping......the bargains were thin on the ground this Sunday afternoon.
I have put some chicken in the freezer - suitable for a curry  which had been reduced to £1.
I was happy to find corn cakes again.
I have a large supply now. They are tastier than rice cakes - not too bad to nibble with a cup of tea with nothing spread on.
And of course - no gluten.
Dinner is cooking. I shall dish up very soon.
Then settle down for a relaxing evening with the TV - Country File and The Midwife.