Saturday, February 02, 2013


Success for a pilgrim

There was a little work to be done in the shop today......Bill's section mostly.
You may remember that I spent a while last Monday zinging  up Bill's shelves.
I haven't lost the zinging touch, it seems.
Bill has had a good week.
Some things have sold that had been there for a while, but had not been displayed well.
And most of the other things that I took off the shelf at home last Sunday and now off the shelves in the shop.
I think I have proved my point - that variety and display are important.
Because things had gone I got some things from my section to put on Bill's shelves.
The 4 Farnborough Airshow programmes went within the hour!
So, a pleasant day for us.
But a cold one again.
Life at the shop won't change next week.....but we will be owned by somebody new probably.
The whole site is to be sold by auction next Wednesday. The site includes the shop and living accomodation to the side and above, the yard and sheds at the back and a building rented by a small printing works.
The whole lot could be bought in one go....and if that fails then they will be offered as 4 lots.
I am wondering if just the living accomodation will go.....that is where the money making is.
Whatever happens the owner is stuck with us for almost 2 years (November 2014) is the next new lease date.
As things stand in business and empty shops I am sure that Pilgrims will be free to continue for as long as we all want it.
But big business and high finance is rather over my head.
My world is sometimes limited by how my body is feeling.....and today I have bowed down to common sense. No wheat and virtually no fat (just 4 After Eight mints might have contributed some dodgy fat).
I shall forget again - that's for sure.
And once my digestion is back in balance I can always cope with a small amount of indiscretion.
This evening we watched a film again.....Saturday night TV is not up to much at the moment.
I enjoyed the one we watched last week more.
Tonight we saw Gosford Park - starring almost everybody who is everybody in the British film world.
It was well filmed with great touches. But the story line was a bit weak.