Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Not posh.......aspirational!
For some reason I decided I would like to do the shopping somewhere which might please the mind as well as the body.
The option was Waitrose or a farm shop.
Bill chose Waitrose. I am accustomed the shop - use it for odds and ends in Dorking.
Years ago Dad and I would go together to Waitrose at Horley for the shopping.
The quality and variety and special things make for a different experience.
It is so pleasant to have space and peace in the shop and to have things on the shelves that are enticing.....apart from my ever present "No, I'm not paying that!"
But actually, with a bit of thought things don't have to cost a lot more  - the basics are all there.
But I did enjoy expensive potatoes this evening. These Roseval potatoes were grown in Suffolk and were so, so good; taste and texture made them into something special.
I was aspiring to something special!
Why not? As the advert say "I am worth it".
After our shopping we by-passed Wetherspoons and had tea and tiffin in Collingwood Bachelor - an old fashioned department store. This was a mistake - it was late afternoon and the we were the only customers, watching staff flit about trying to look useful in the household linens and furniture department.
And my tiffin was too damn hard - my jaws and denture couldn't really cope with it. I still have some wrapped up, maybe for later.
This evening there was a programme on TV about household linens - a family firm that was losing money being given advice on how to make it a success.
I find the psychology of shopping, advertising, display etc quite fascinating. I love to study it and see just how peoples' pysche is being manipulated.
The east end boys who ran the shop were afraid of being too posh.......no, not posh, they were told.....aspirational.
I understand that sometimes I want to feel like a Waitrose shopper rather than a Lidl/Aldi shopper. Though the latter succeeds in making me feel clever.
I guess that, like soap powders, the supermarkets are branded as human characteristics. We all know which ones are supposed to be a bit upper class don't we? Sainsbury's ranks above Tescos and feel they can charge a bit more.
Anyway.....time for a cuppa and some corn cakes with honey on. Corn cakes have been a recent new discovery. Much more tasty than rice cakes.