Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Quiet time.

Today is a quiet day - so far.

I have created a poster which will mounted on the glass door of the shop next Monday.

I do wish Bill hadn't pointed out that a picture of Jo's section (second down on the left)  is one of those "How do you see it?"  pictures.
I took a picture of an elegant shop mannequin with head turned away,  with a blue ear ring, wearing a floppy white hat.
Bill sees an old crone with a blue eye and a long pointed chin.
And now that's how I see it too!

And I have done  a very brief first posting for my Random Crawley Photographs and memories blog.

Now I have started, I can keep them coming.

During the afternoon I dealt with more old greetings cards. I have gathered hundreds over the years. They do sell.
I like to display them in cellophane fronted bags.
I have a lot of children's birthday cards in the shop.
Now I am dealing with wedding cards and anniversary cards. Some people just collect them. But I can also see an outlet for them to creators of cards to send. Many buy expensive stencils and stickers to create cards. The details and pictures on my cards could also be used to create vintage style cards for people to send.

Tomorrow I have plans to go out. After Bill has seen the dentist we will go to Hurstpierpoint and Hassocks to see the antiques and charity shops. My friend sells in a Hassocks shop and we haven't been to see her new section yet.
I am looking forward to exploring.