Monday, February 18, 2013


Solving confusion.

I jumped to a conclusion - and the conclusion was wrong.

Where do you think this photograph was taken?

Cuando el sol brilla nunca estás solo. When the sun shines you're never alone.

The caption suggested the photo was taken in Spain or some other exotic place.
The photographer is Ian, somebody I had in a school class many years ago. I know he has lived in Spain.

It is a beautiful picture......a beautiful picture of somewhere very interesting, but not exotic.
It is a place I know so well.
I spent many hours on that beach when I was young.
Yes, It's Newhaven in Sussex.

My childhood holidays were not exotic, but bless my parents for finding a way of taking their children on an annual holiday.
We had tents on the South Downs - in a field with a glorious view.
We had no car (camping equipment was taken and collected by a local haulier). Our bikes went too.
We cycled everywhere.
Newhaven was about 6 miles away - up and down hills and then flat along the River Ouse valley. 
It was on that beach, aged about 10 that I met my first nudist! And I had dreams of becoming a marine biologist.
It is quite run down these days.....who actually owns the harbour and the beach outside the harbour is not exactly clear. I do believe the French own it!
Nevertheless, Newhaven holds magic for me.

Today has been a fusion of being very busy (with my own things) and being less than busy with customers.
I don't think I like my new display as much as the previous way of doing it.
But it is fresh and different.
I had an average week for sales last week....sold that metal bottle carrier that was for Corona fizzy pop bottles.

Tomorrow will be busy in a very different way - sitting down for much of it, whilst hurtling north on the motorway.
There may or may not be a blog posting tomorrow - we might be attending the local history society that Ashley goes to....learning about a mid 19th century tree survey.