Friday, March 01, 2013


Colourful and quirky Newcastle back streets.

Today I have a few pictures showing the colourful back streets of Newcastle, close to the river.
We stopped for a drink and a muffin before walking at The Basement Cafe.

The Basement is not deep underground.
It is linked to an evangelical church, which has loads going on.
The cafe was opened to make money for the church, but has evolved into a relaxing community centre for all.

As I sat with my tea and blueberry muffin I liked the red scene before me.
You can see the post box in the picture above. Beyond it is a car advert on
a hording and coffee cups and bags of coffee sit on the shelf below the window.

Wonderful window in the pink wall of a modern building.

The Holy Jesus Hospital......700 years old.

Doorway at the Holy Jesus Hospital.

Originally this building contained a generator to power the trams.
In 2002 it was converted to premium offices and studios.
Newcastle residents might like to know that a cafe is mentioned on their web  page with very reasonable prices.Windows

Windows at Trinity House. Trinity House was established as a charitable haven for seafarers.

Tucked round the back of the building is a sculpture.....a model of  a proposed sculpture, which would be 6 times as big. It would commemorate the life of Admiral Collingwood who took command of The Victory after the death of Nelson.

The money seems to have run out for the large sculpture, which was to have been constructed in metal and glass.
It seems a shame that few people get to see this one, in the meantime.

If you look closely at the top, where the wave is just breaking you can see profiles of a man's head - Admiral Collingwood.

Next time we will be in Ouseburn, walking up to Byker.