Monday, February 25, 2013


Shock on the radio.

Exhausted again this evening.
Maybe it was a bit foolish to walk out of the antiques centre to hunt for boots.
Foolish for me - burdened with cold......and well, just plain foolish!
I grabbed some old boots this morning to wear - OK for sitting around in, but big and floppy for walking in.
Time for me to get some replacement boots.
But no, this is not the time.
I walked to M and S, for I had recently seen they had some at a reasonable price.
But it is not boot is sandals and sun hat time!

We had people in the shop today - not very many sales, but a good one for Bill.
I spent very little time looking at my section - just too cold at that end of the shop.
Anyway, I didn't need to.

The journey home provided a shock.
It will come as a shock to at least one of my readers - sorry Stella.
We had local radio on in the car and heard the 5 o'clock news.
We heard how a man had been found lying in the road by his bike in a quiet close near to his home.
The man was Dave O.....a man we had been timekeeping with for over 30 years; well until he decided to give it up.
We saw him reasonably regularly because he lived close to us.We'll never know why he decided to call on us one Christmas Day afternoon, many years ago!
He had always been a cyclist - did track cycle racing when young. He felt that his bike was his way of beating some of the health problems he was having. He told Bill quite recently that his heart was causing real concern.
The air ambulance landed and took him to the hospital in Brighton - but he didn't survive.
His head had been badly injured in the fall and one presumes that he might have had complete heart failure whilst peddling out on a cold early morning.
His family will take some comfort from knowing he died whilst doing something he loved. He was 76.

Puts my cold and fall into perspective.....though both are still bothering me.