Saturday, March 02, 2013


Only a cold.

"Only a cold"
How come something which we can dismiss so readily when somebody else has it, feel so wretchedly awful when we  have it ourselves?
It is a shame that this was one of my Saturdays in the shop. I think I would have been better staying at home - though whether I would actually feel better this evening is another matter.
We were busy in the shop.....and thankfully I did rather well.
Not sure quite why and how I took over sorting out Bill's display.
He thought it should be done and then dithered and wondered what he needed to do.
Just like a mother, I jumped in with "Oh let me do it".
I am not his mother!
I functioned reasonably well, I guess for some of the day.
But by home time, I had no voice and no energy and dreaded coughing because it hurt my lungs. My throat feels like cut glass.
Our Ashley is feeling the same.
We both seem to have got this bug pretty badly. It has lasted over a week now.
So, no pictures from Newcastle this evening.
I will go to bed soon - I need lots of sleep.