Saturday, March 09, 2013


Littlehampton wakes up.

It was a misty moisty morning.
Fog was thick over The Downs.
I found it hard to find much that would be useful at Ford.... but have got a few interesting bits.
By the time we arrived it was less misty and moisty.....and later the sun began to shine.
The sunshine was gradually easing Litlehampton from its months of hibernating.
We met people we chat to in Wetherspoon's...haven't seen them for ages.
Breakfast was interesting for me. I saw that they had some curries going cheap.
I had a great big curry, rice, naan bread, poppadoms, mango chutney for £3.99 - it was a vegetarian curry and it was very tasty.
I call it breakfast - but not an early morning breakfast......about 10 o'clock.
Bill had eggs benedict.
Then we went for a walk through the town and out to the sea.
We stopped to look at the new shop for Dizzy (a diabetes charity shop). It was a little out of the town before, but was my favourite.
They now have a really well finished spacious shop.
I bought a chair.
It is a church/chapel chair. Oak, woven string seat, with a little box at the back for prayer books.
Quite charming.
The tide was still quite high - but going out. The sea was calm and it felt reasonably warm.
There were more people about than we have seen for ages.
The fun fair would be open later in the day after a winter break.
We met somebody we have chatted to a number of times before - with his dog, Poppy. You have seen Poppy before, maybe.

The Oyster Pond had been drained.
It was being prepared for its annual spring clean before the pedalos are back on it.
The gulls liked it, for they could paddle in the remaining water and peck at the bottom for food.
And not just gulls.
A beautiful egret had taken up a position there too.

Then home again.
We relaxed awhile with a cuppa and the TV - watching an episode of Lewis.
Well, I say "watched"....that was when we had our eye open; there was a lot of dozing going on!