Thursday, March 07, 2013


Old woman just wants to have fun....just like the girls.

Bored! Bored with having no energy, no oomph.
There is plenty to do, but it remains undone.
I thought I would have a trip out today - but it was not to be.
The minor trip out was not extended into a bit of fun.
I took my 2 mobile phones into Vodaphone to transfer the memory from one SIM card to the other.
That was not to be either.
My old one is very old.......and my new one is very new. Little Miss Vodaphone couldn't do it. She was prepared to do it by hand - and of course she would be much quicker than me.
But I watched her do a couple, then had a go myself and said I could cope on my own.
I now have almost all the old contacts in the new phone - their phone numbers that is.
Now I must add email addresses.
The phone works - Bill and I phoned each other!
And thanks to Sue for a prompt reply to a text....thus proving that I have mastered that.
I like texting with the new seems to know very often exactly what word you want next, or offers you a choice of words; so no need of using the keyboard as much.
The keyboard is an art in itself.
So why did we not have an extended fun trip today?
Bill had been getting anxious about certain little tasks that need doing before we go to Thailand. He needs to feel secure that things have been done.
Today he wanted to book the coach from Gatwick to Heathrow - such a shame that there is no easy flight direct from Gatwick. Maybe next time?
Whilst I was learning about the phone, Bill slipped away to the local bus station, where he booked our tickets.
I had assumed we might have to go Gatwick for this and had looked forward to a coffee, some people watching and some photos.
Bill had done what he went out to do. Job done. Let's go home. Fun is not on his agenda.
Maybe he wanted to get home to phone the bank about using credit cards in a far away place. Last time he didn't inform them and he was unable to get money from a machine.
So much to feel insecure about.
Now he is fretting about booking a taxi to take us to Gatwick!
Tomorrow, we will need to get a little shopping - I plan to leave Crawley and hope for a bit of fun. Wonder why Bill thinks that Redhill would be a good place for fun.
I would rather be in Reigate, I think.
I will let this day begins again tomorrow.