Monday, March 18, 2013


Not much left.

I didn't have much to take to the shop today. But somehow it took a couple of hours to get it sorted.
I guess because three of the items in the locked cabinet, which is already full.
A Steiff cat might have been too tempting if I left that sitting around unsecured.

I took very little in....and even less left the shop today.
Last week was poor - and today was abysmal. Come on, customers - it didn't rain all day!
One item that left, I gave away.
Just a random act of kindness maybe.
We were visited by Chris - severely far out; probably a long long way out on the autism/asbergers scale.
He has a a very limited set conversation.
"Hello - you remember me, don't you"
"I am a good customer, aren't I?"
"Do you know you like Reigate?"
I have mentioned him before.

I was sorting my shelves - there is far too much on the bottom shelves. If something is on the bottom shelf it has reached rock bottom and in my estimation has hit the point where it probably will never sell.
These are the things to go to a charity shop or maybe to sell on very cheaply at a car boot sale.
I had a wooden cylindrical painted box - modern and Chinese. Actually, rather attractive.
There it was cluttering up the bottom shelf.
It was hard work giving it to him. I thought he might refuse it.
He needed to be told, several times, every detail about it. "How do you know it's Chinese?" "What's it made of?" "What could I put in it?"
Finally he took it away.

Another item should have left the shop. A young woman came to the desk with a big thick 1950's magazine called "The Housewife". She had no cash on her.......she would return later to buy it.
"Hooray, I am on the books for the day", I thought.
But she didn't return.
It was £3.

Just 2 items left the shop as a result of a sale.