Saturday, March 16, 2013


Frieda at the farm

It rained.
Rained hard all morning.
Let's do something good on such a day!
So we asked our nearly 92 year old next door neighbour if she would like to come out for tea and cake.
We went to the local farm shop.
She had never been anywhere like it before, she said. It was like being given a real treasure.
It is not hard to give Frieda a treat - but we certainly got it right today.
It had stopped raining and it was good to see the countryside.

She's very good for her age and always strives to look her best. She is getting fragile now and she gets confused......but then she always got confused by life; never felt really in control of her life.

Not sure if she had ever had a cappuccino coffee before.
She thought it was wonderful.

Frieda shared a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with Bill.
Oh the new experiences we were able to giver her.

Then we had chocolate brownies.

Delicious - with soft squidgy chocolate.

Bill was playing with my little camera......guess what he took a photo of?

It's a close up of the fabric my trainers are made of.
I had no idea that the brown part was such an interesting mesh pattern.