Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Controversy already in monkland.

One minute my facebook friends were commenting "So what!" about the new Pope.
And the next, me and my nephew in Switzerland are having a row with a contact of my son's.
Let me explain that my son is a deeply committed Christian and has spent half a lifetime trying to work out the most suitable form of Christianity to nurture his beliefs and talents.
I hope he has settled now - but who knows?
One of his facebook contacts has settled......but not in a place I would be happy to see a loved one in.
He is a Christian who is completely right and completely lacking in love for other sorts of Christians.
Think of the Reverend Ian Paisley bellowing angrily about the Pope being a tool of the devil, and you have this man in a nutshell.
Now, to be true to myself I should write now that, of course this man means well and is good to many people. It is not for me to be judgemental about another's chosen life style, unless they are most definitely doing wrong.

This man wrote:
Hopefully this will be the last infernal representative to hold this wicked office.

This made me mad.
I am not a Christian, though dabbled with it in my youth and had a boyfriend who introduced me to the Roman Catholic church.
But now I have no loyalty to Christianity or any denomination.
I just believe it is right to show love and respect to one's fellow man.
The "discussion" was fun. I could imagine the raised voices had we been discussing things over dinner.
It was good to have my nephew joining in.

So, back to Pope Francis.
I wish him well, he has a kindly face.......though somebody else on facebook compared it to the face of elderly comedian, Jim Bowen.
I doubt that Pope Francis can affect the way the wheels of the world turn.