Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Horsham visit.

There are always things to buy before going on holiday.
I made a start today. There is a need for under things, lacy things, supportive things - pristine white things rather than aging things which make me cringe.
Such things are probably the only clothes I buy new.......and the price of new clothes worries me.
So much so that I decided that some would be ordered online.
But Marks and Spencers did take some of my money today.
We shopped in Horsham......should have planned a bus journey really; could have saved petrol money and the exhorbitant parking charges in the town. Do they want visitors?

The museum in Horsham is extra special. I have been several times - not sure about Bill; he couldn't remember much about it.
They are blessed with a superb building, with a sizable garden and outbuildings.
The building is a ramshackle old house with lots of little corridors and staircases and rooms.


There was an art exhibition too - fun.

Not long now and seeing Buddhas will be commonplace.

I'd like this sign!

I can remember the time when this hung outside Cramp's shop in West Street.

Lots of old bikes out in the barn.

Horsham stone roof and blue sky.

New saddle needed.
See that sprung wheel underneath.

saddle stones.

We enjoyed a snack - scrambled egg and toast in the Christian book shop.
You don't have to be a Christian to enjoy the environment there. It is manned (or womanned!) by volunteers and their profits are used for various church charities.

Time then for home - making sure we got back to the car park before another hour of parking began.

I will finish with a link to my son's blog - the one in Thailand.
Last week he and others made a trip around the island of Phuket in a speed boat.