Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Pottering at home.

Today has been a quiet sort of a day.

I have ordered new inks for my printer.Later I might buy a new printer that will happily take  non official inks.
I have ordered a new battery for my Canon camera.
For me, it would feel like a disaster if it is was left with no power. Although I have the little Lumix - and now my phone.
And I have made a new poster for the shop.
Sometimes its hard to see how passers by can get a complete picture of all that can be found in the shop.
I made one poster - buts its small and muddled.
This time it is a bit amateurish - but at least eye catching.

Potatoes are roasting in the oven - along with carrots, parsnips and sweet potato to be eaten with garlic chicken.

There was a budget today. Time was when we seemed to care about the budget.
People gathered round their radios to listen to the speech and waited for analysis by the experts.
I can't see that there are any points that will make a vast difference to my life of the life of the country.
Some people think that the measures taken will strengthen the country - and others (probably the majority) take the opposing view.
But what will be will be.
I can do nothing except make something of my own life.

Tomorrow, making something of my life will include a trip to Ford. It was a toss up if we should go Thursday or Saturday.
Thursday will be colder - but a little brighter.
Bill prefers Thursdays I think - he rarely actually expresses an opinion.
Though I do tend to find a bit more on Saturdays.