Wednesday, March 27, 2013



Wednesday - so often a fairly empty day in my life.
It does seem to be a day when I need a rest.
But the day began with some work. Just before bedtime I checked my emails yesterday evening......many came in.
I had completely forgotten that I had auctions ending on EBay. This was a set of items that had been listed before and I was eager to see the back of.
Pleased to sell seven items.
So, my day began with dealing with the sales and payments and parcels.
I did this before a late breakfast.
Frieda came round for a while as we finished eating. She had bought a box of chocolates and a card as an Easter gift. Bless her...I have never got my head round Easter cards and gifts.
We'll get her an Easter egg.
We posted parcels in Tilgate - one straight through a front door letter box.
Yes, the buyer lived about half a mile away.....silly of them not to notice that that, when they paid for postage and packing.
I refunded that of course.
This afternoon I phoned a good old friend. Lyn had been a timekeeper - a very good and enthusiastic one; but life changes.
She had not been able to travel to the funeral yesterday, so we had a long chat together about how our families had moved on.
Some members of our family had a surprise meeting today.
Jenny and Mike are in Newcastle - home of Ashley and Liz. They knew there was no time for a meeting; J and M had other committments and Jenny would only be there for a short while.
Nevertheless the four of them bumped into each other in the middle of that great city.
They travelled on The Metro together.
Still cold - very cold, but with a little sunshine it felt a bit more cheerful.