Friday, March 29, 2013


Which day of Easter are we on?

I am getting confused about what day it is.
That's not like me.......but it has felt like a Sunday.
We went to Horsham this morning for the annual car boot sale held at Collyer's School. It made for a good reminder of why we prefer to go to Ford.
Of course the number of stalls was less than usual.
And not one stall had anything I was interested in buying for the shop.
I bought some rhubarb and a posh Lindt Easter egg and chocolate bunnies for Frieda.
We met up with people we know.
Then we had breakfast with Jo.
I spent much of the day just tidying.
And I am continuing to prepare things for when we sell at a car boot sale sometime in May or June.
It feels good to lessen the amount of stock I have...what is left is not wanted by me anymore.
I prepared the rhubarb and got the bowl in which to make the crumble.
I took out the flour container, opened it and, oh was full of little brown creepy crawly things.
So, our rhubarb crumble lacks the crumble.
I will finish with an Easter picture.
My great nephew and his friend at an Easter bonnet fund raising morning at his pre-school.

Now, if that doesn't make for a happy Easter, I don't know what will do it for you.