Thursday, March 28, 2013


Littlehampton begins to wake.

This is my blog number 2222.

It describes a day that felt just a tad warmer.......not sure how we can think that 8 degrees is warm!
And it was much less than that when we left home.

Ford was full of sellers.....mostly trying to dodge the prying lens of a BBC camera. They must have been filming the Great British Antiques Road Trip - the experts normally have to buy things at a car boot sale, during the trip, to make a profit.
Maybe I am an expert - I can buy things to make a profit every week.
And I bought a few more things today.

We went to Littlehampton for breakfast - can't stay away for long.
I opted for sweet chilli noodles......lower in fat than any of the breakfast items.

Very tasty.
It can be served with or without a chicken breast,

Then we went for a walk.
I began by looking out for boat bits along the river.

The old green hut.....the reflection in the window always looks different.

Then I enjoyed looking at things on the beach.

I knew these were egg cases.
But I had never learned about them
They are whelk egg cases.

I moved nothing to take this picture; I liked the bit of shell, looking like a monster, on the end of a stick.

The high tide line was thick with whelk egg cases.

Above the beach at this point, there are a few kiosks; here one can buy food, drink, ice creams, things to play with on the beach and seaside novelties to take home.
The kiosks were busy.
People were re-painting and cleaning.
One kiosk was open.
Littlehampton is waking up.......Easter starts the summer season, whether it feels like summer or not.

We walked back through the fun fair - also easing out of hibernation.
Two groups of young trainee fun fair workers were being shown the ropes and shown how all the rides work.

A pair of cormorants - ready for a summer of raising chicks.