Monday, April 01, 2013


Working at home.

Up quite late, enjoying a cup of tea in bed.
It has been a pottering at home, we didn't want another day out in the cold.
My first job of the day was to go through the paper work from yesterday's meeting. There could have been no possibility of getting that done before leaving the track.
The electric times for  each race come through on separate sheets of paper.
I like to see how accurate as a team we have been and if I made right decisions if there was a dispute.
What a team we were......impressive.
We are only allowed to return times to the nearest tenth of a second - humans may not be accurate to the hundredth of a second.
The electrics give us the accurate times - to the hundredth of a second.
I am happy to say that for most of the time everybody in the team returned times that were very close to those electric times.
There were 57 races, with about 350 runners.
I worked out my average error......when I was good, I was good; when I was bad I was well below average.
But it all evened out and my average error for the day was 4.5 hundredths of a second.
I am guessing others would have been better than me - Donna certainly was.

Next I went through my shop sales for last week.....glad I had such a good day on Saturday.

And on this April 1st I have been fooled.
A niece, in Scotland, put on facebook that after a couple of weeks of stomach pains, she went asking for advice at the hospital; she was told she was 8 weeks pregnant and was now feeling anxious.
"Silly girl" I thought.
Then I began to think about great niece or nephew number 40!
I had forgotten what the date has been today....and anyway I am far too gullible.

Later I popped round to Frieda's house with an Easter egg. I couldn't stay long - a wee bag needed attending to.
Mind you, she can be difficult company, especially in her own home. She does not have the power to link one fact with another.
She has a friend in hospital....another very elderly woman. She has been there for a month and is getting really thin. Frieda assumes she has always been thin, but she never noticed because of the jumpers her friend would be wearing. She has not made the leap into the future to wonder if her friend will ever come out of hospital.

Later I spent time on things I bought home from the shop - re-pricing them so as to be ready to sell at a car boot sale when I am ready.

Well, cup of tea time.
Maybe we will get up earlier tomorrow. We have prescriptions from the doctor to sort out before we go away.