Saturday, March 30, 2013


Lots of customers

Sunshine - yes, we saw some this morning.
We saw enough to make me feel optimistic......until the sky blackened and there were snowflakes.
We were in the shop for one of my Saturdays.
It was busy.......making a very pleasant change.
I sold well.
I popped up to Sainsbury' cold out there; that biting wind whipped round a body.
I shivered and hurried back to the shop, not warm really - but at least out of the wind.
I shuddered at the thought of being outdoors for any length of time.....which of course we will do tomorrow.
We will spend some hours sitting perched up on the timekeepers steps, facing into the wind.
I suspect that my fingers will become too numb and painful to operate a watch or write!
It happened today. It happens frequently. Suddenly there is pain, but no can that be possible?
Warmth helps a bit, but it takes ages to clear.
This is something I must see the doctor about after our holiday.
Bill enjoyed a pub lunch with Stephen and Philip.I hope it was warm and cosy in the pub.
Claudia and I manned the shop in their absence.
This afternoon we had toasted hot cross buns and tea......and a shop full of customers.
Customers were in until past closing time. Claudia was dealing with a woman looking at cranberry glass. The woman was finding it so difficult to make a decision.
She was driving Claudia mad!
Finally she made a decision.....and so as to get the best price, she said she would go to the ATM machine just along the road, so as to pay with cash, and be back.
Claudia got it wrapped ready for her.
Back she came...."I'm sorry, I have been talking to my husband and have now decided not to buy it" !!!!!
Always blame your spouse, if you know you are being a rat!
We drove home in almost a blizzard of sleat.
Shivers of expectation of what might be tomorrow!
Home to a warm house, hot dinner and Dr surreal and demanding of suspension of reality. I am not really good at abandoning reality......and yet I love Dr Who. It has come a long way in fifty years.
Have a good Easter Day, those that choose to mark it; be it with church or chocolate or both.