Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The bare necessities.

This time next week, we will be waiting to board the plane to Bangkok.
A whole week to wait.
Normally I am the sort of person to leave things till the last minute.
But when it comes to the things I really must have with me, then to save any anxiety, I like to organise early.
Today I have got all my medications ready and all my stoma bags and equipment sorted.
These are the things that I cannot get in Thailand.....anything else I might forget can easily be found; except perhaps denture fixative.
Bill and I had quite an adventure one time when I needed some....almost ended up in the dental chair in a fairly remote hospital on the mainland.
It was sufficiently remote that there were few people who spoke English and I was trying to explain by mime and pointing.
I still have a hospital number!
I have also coloured my hair today.
I thought about leaving it.....but I am glad I got on with it. I have done it with a deep reddish tinge this time.
Time now for a cup of tea......and to watch the programme narrated by vVctoria Wood about the history of nice cups of tea.