Tuesday, April 09, 2013


The day I became a groupy

I began the day with a long Things to Do list.
It is a week until we go away.....lots to get done before then.
This morning we went into town and did almost everything needed.
I am still without Sloggis......Debenhams only had very large sizes. Woe is me....I should have bought on line. Why did I leave it, after all I prefer to buy things without having to go into a shop.
Maybe I'll buy in Thailand......I remember a place which sold them.

This afternoon, well, yes there was a doze.
Then I abandoned the Things to Do list.
Suddenly I was communicating with a pop musician.
Then I was communicating with a second cousin.
Well, actually the one and the same person.
I sort of knew of this young man - well, I guess I knew he existed. I have not met him or his parents and only occasionally (and recently) have I met his grandmother (my aunt).
Well, that's enough clues for my brother!

I have been communicating with Sam Roberts - grandson of our Aunty Valerie.
He is in a group - drummer and vocalist (?) in a group called Charming.I am not good at labelling different genres of music.......but  think folk rock would cover it.
I am liking what I hear.


The first item on this YouTube page is a collection of snippets from a recent performance.
I am liking what I hear.
He did an interview on Radio Kent on Sunday. he grew up in Kent - but I am thinking he is now on the Isle of Wight.
I am sure I will learn more.
We are now Facebook friends.
Whilst I was at it, I decided to make contact with Aunty Valerie's son and daughter on facebook......my cousins, who I have never met.
It feels good to have a personal interest in a music group who have the ability to go far, maybe......if the luck goes with them.

Looks like I shall be busy on the Things to do List tomorrow. I have pictures to print and framed to be taken with us.
And I must sort out the end of year accounts.....not much to do there. I buy things (have no receipts of course), I pay rent for the space in the shop and I sell things. I make a small amount of profit. Mr Taxman has never been interested, so I doubt he will be bothered now. I, so obviously, can prove that no tax can be due on my income of a few hundred pounds.