Thursday, April 11, 2013


Art for Thailand.

This morning we drove in the rain to Ford.
"Don't worry" I said....."the rain will stop"
And it did.
I didn't buy very much at the car boot sale......nothing much for the shop.
I had thought about about a 1920s print. I picked up on Bill's vibes that £20 was way too much and I left it. When I went back for it. it had gone.
Breakfast time in The George at Littlehampton was lively. Bob, the ex military man, who sits with his lap top was very much on form this morning. Sometimes he says nothing.
Today he was very chatty and funny.
Then we went for a walk. It was windy, but not too cold.
I looked at the sea and thought to myself how the next ocean we would see would be The Indian Ocean....maybe sitting on the sands at the Beach Bar.

Bill took this, using my phone. It was on facebook within minutes.
Oh, where has the stylish hair gone, that Rob (my hairdresser) gave me last week. Been blown half away along the beach!
No coats next week!
This afternoon I have followed up my promise to produce something a bit unusual and arty for our grandchildren in Thailand.
They are arty and unusual children.
Their music tastes are not "normal" One Direction (this year's boy band) for them.
Jess has been singing Suzi Quatro numbers in the kids group they are both in; while John has been a Bob Marley fan for ages.
I combined the children with both their music tastes.
It took ages, but was so much fun.
Jess came out best - quite a similarity between her and the young Suzi Quatro.

See how their two faces blend in the middle.

When I took the photo of John he was younger than now - only 6.
So, much contrast between his face and the lived in moustached faced of Bob Marley.

The eyes blend pretty well.

When they get fed up with my efforts, they will still have the frames for future pictures.

Tomorrow will be an at home day. Actually we will get our bags packed. We have busy and full days Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
It will feel more relaxing to know that everything is ready.