Monday, April 15, 2013


Some good news and some very bad news.

Have they all started Spring cleaning?
People came in today with boxes of their treasures/rubbish.
I was in a good mood and as I won't be buying anything for the next few weeks, I decided to load myself up with all sorts of odds and ends.
It helped that I also sold well today.
One item came out of the box of bits I had bought on Thursday at Ford and straight into the customer's bag.
I was was a tin plate motor bike, which Bill had not thought worth buying.
This afternoon I was dealing with a woman who wanted my tea trolley. I bought it last summer - always with a view to selling it, but since then it has been used mostly for display purposes.
I got everything off it and pulled it out.
Yes, she liked it........but!
She had come to Dorking, from London, to visit a friend.  She couldn't carry it back on the train could she?
"Could I hold it for a few months?" she asked.
A few months!
I told her, "no" and she wondered why. I managed to persuade her that it wasn't shop policy and anyway, a lot of things could change in a few months.
She decided that maybe her local friends could pick it up.
Maybe they will. Maybe she will pursue the matter. It will be saved for her if she sends a cheque for me in a few weeks.
She took up a lot of time - time in which I had hoped to write up and make tickets for all that I had bought in today.
But she was followed by an American couple who bought 4 things from me to take back home to Georgia to sell.
So, a delightfully busy day.
Farewell to my shelves for a while.....let's hope I come back to some spaces.

Less delightful is the news, which I now have live on the computer as I write, from Boston.
The explosions at the Boston Marathon touch part of my world.
The London Marathon is next Sunday.
Such a familiar world......and now an awful, unfamiliar, violent world.
A world of madness.
Why? Who gains? What do they think they might gain?
It is obvious that the lives of many have been dramatically changed and some may well have ended.
Worrying world.