Saturday, April 13, 2013



Briefly - a day in the shop and a lovely meal with friends.
The weather turned really horrible.....they had better be right about tomorrow. I could do with mild warmth at the track tomorrow.
The shop was busy.....they came in out of the rain, I shouldn't wonder.
But some spent money too.
Home to cook a meal.....I cheated and cooked a three fish roast from Lidl, with prawns as an extra. Absolutely delicious.
Our guests knew it was not home cooked......because they had also cooked it themselves, at home.
But who cares? They were not with us to mark me out of 10.
Our old friends from North Wales were in town  for the sad funeral of J's brother....well, the death was sad, but the funeral was just right for the brother and quite jolly.
Glad that such an event gave us an evening with these good people.
I end the day feeling tired and delightfully tipsy.
Thank you P and J for coming.