Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Lunch and sunset

Lunch was at a fantastic seafood restaurant by a river.
Many levels of wooden platforms had been built along a steep high river bank.

View from table.

That's my pineapple shake.

On the way home we stopped at the Sarasin Bridge to watch the sunset. Sunset is about half past six here.
The Sarasin Bridge joins Phuket to the mainland. The old bridge has been renovated for strolling along and is now quite an attraction, especcially at sunset.

 Food had been very good at lunchtime....and I ate much the same as Jamie.
But the next day he was in pain and puking. He's a bit better today.
I am fine.
Maybe it was the visit to Hell that did it for him! We went there.....a place that depicts both heaven and hell. Very weird......and we didn't get to heaven; it was up too many steep steps. I'll show some photos another time.
Yesterday we needed a rest day. Jamie was in bed all day. I did a lot of reading.
We went for some lunch in the village.

Today (Tuesday) I think Bill and I will go out alone for a while.
Tomorrow we hope to go away for 3 nights to a couple of hotels with the family. I assume Jamie will be just fine by then.