Sunday, May 12, 2013


Sunday outing

We are not there yet....not back into this land and this time zone.
But we are doing our best.
This is hard for Bill, who has been feeling rough since last Wednesday.....he hasn't eaten much at all.
I wasn't sure what he would want to do today.
The sun was shining first thing and I thought that I should go out buying.
Would Bill manage to get up?
He did and we drove to Brighton.
The South Downs looked really good - gentle and inviting.
I enjoyed the bluebells, the dandelions and the milkmaids along the grass verges.
Our destination was Brighton racecourse.

Oh dear! It was cold up on the hill. Our first priority was some extra clothing.
The blue sky had tempted us to believe that it was hardly colder than Thailand!
The wind was really chilly.
I also bought a small table and a cane stool.....that is good for I know I have a space at the shop where  a kitchen table had been.
This boot sale is not like others; the official opening time is half past ten.
But you can go in earlier and pay quite a high entry price. But it is worth it to get some peace and quiet.
By the opening time a long queue has grown outside the gate and soon the hordes descend.
Time to leave for those who have paid for peace.
From there we dropped down to The Marina for a Wetherspoons plate of eggs benedict.
Very tasty.

We drove home over Ditchling Beacon - lovely views, many cyclists attempting the climb and an MG rally also on the narrow road.

Home for the Spanish Grand Prix and sleep.
Bill has gone to bed now for more sleep.
They do say that jet lag can last for the same number of days as the hours that have been travelled through. That's about a week!

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