Sunday, May 12, 2013


The Beach Bar, Indie Market and Kopitiam.

After a day of some rest, we were ready for an evening's activity.
Well, not sure if you can call going to Tescos a "rest" - but things had to be bought and money got from an ATM.
In Thailand it is called Tesco Lotus.
Of course I was looking forward to The Beach is our secret!
In fact if you Google it, you will find very little information....apart from some blogging by Jamie.
Of course other customers do find it....just as well or Mr Pee couldn't continue; he needs to make some money after all.
It is simple and unsophisticated and very friendly. Jessica and John almost feel like a part of the families involved. They arrive and start to play.
The time to arrive is just before sunset.....somewhere around half past six. Phuket is only 6 degrees north of The Equator so days and nights are almost of equal lengths.

The Big Buddha stands on the hill across Chalong Bay.
The Big Buddha......spiritual centre or money making attraction? Tourists flock there and are persuaded to part with their money in various ways. There is still scaffolding on display.....telling the visitors that money is needed to finish the work.
But it adds a little something to a sunset picture.

We order some drinks.

Our daughter in law drinks no alcohol.
Jamie makes up for it.....downing many a beer!
I like a Chang beer too - but normally one is enough.

A Thai meal out usually has many dishes which everybody shares. Bill couldn't manage that (chicken and chips was more his style). I tend to order something I can be sure of then sample everything else.
This night I ordered the pineapple and veg fried rice.

The fish was delicious.

Jessica liked to use her I Pad, whilst waiting.
She gathered an audience of younger, fascinated children.

Couldn't wait to get my feet into that warm water.

Lord of The Beach Bar!

That's my boy!
There will be more Beach Bar pictures.......we were there 6 times in 3 weeks.

On the way home we stopped at the Indie Market. This is a meeting place for the young and some stalls have home crafted items. There was a rock band playing.
I didn't buy anything.
Wish I had bought one of these.
Just cute.

And I didn't need any bra straps!

Let's go to Kopitiam.
This restaurant is run by an old Chinese family who are so lovely and friendly.
They have a delightful range of soft drinks......and beers of course.

Jess had an ice cream.

Soda water, lemon and honey.
In Thailand "lemon" actually means "lime".

Mam is always ready for "a little something".
Tofu and sweet chilli sauce.....very tasty.

Reflection in big mirror.
Lots of pictures of old Phuket on the walls. There are also old family pictures and artefacts.