Saturday, May 11, 2013


The beginning, the sunset, Dairy Hut.

To begin at the quote Dylan Thomas.
We arrived at Heathrow at about quarter to seven in the evening; we had a small snack and drink as we waited.

The flight was, as is normal to Thailand.....long!
I think we slept a bit.
We felt in a bit of a daze when we reached Bangkok....such  along way to walk! I don't mean walking to Bangkok! Just walking from the international arrivals to the domestic departures.
Another hour and a bit would see us landing at Phuket.
Landing at sunset.

The airport is right by the sea on the west side of Phuket.

Jamie, Jessica and John were there to meet us. Much hugging!
Mam was straightening up the house a bit....she and the children had been away at her parent's in Chumphon and only arrived home that afternoon.

Straight to Dairy Hut! It sounds like a 1950s Milk Bar! But it is a smart, cool restaurant serving food at reasonable prices.

Google Dairy Hut and almost everything is by Jamie!

The interior has been renovated since this picture.
I probably ate fried rice with prawns that night.

Home to bed.