Thursday, May 02, 2013


Catching up on news.

Ten days have passed.......such busy days, full of challenges and pleasure.
Last week we were away for 3 nights,
We stayed at a smart hotel in Khao Lak, This is on the mainland, on the west coast, It is low season now and we were charged low season prices.......our room was 800 baht per night (about 15 pounds). We explored a wonderful waterfall, where large fish swim in the pool with the paddling and swimming people.
We visited, for the second time, an old style village.
The hotel restaurant was right at the water's edge and we enjoyed fantastic sunsets,
On Thursday we joined a small group of Thai people on a speed boat and bounced over the water out into the Andaman sea for 50 Km. Fun! Until the tropical rain storm came - no danger, but a great deal of water. Everybody was soaked through to the skin,,,,,,poor Bill was sick!
The sun came out.....sone we were roasting on the white sands by the turquoise sea,
A barbecue was prepared for us.
On the way back and everybody, except us was jumping off the boat and snorkelling.
We loved it at so  Khao Lak so much we almost wished we had not booked a night in the Nationaal Park of Khao Sok,,,,,,,a place we have been to before.
But good to get a contrast of it was all  hills, jungle and craggy rocks,
We drove home via 2 lesser waterfalls.
Back in Phuket on Saturday afternoon
Sunday was a day of rest,
In the evening we went to the Beach Bar,
Some years ago I was there when a singer was performing for lunchtime diners.
Jamie told me he hadn't been there for ages.
Last Sunday he was - with a fiddle player, They played folk rock. They played well.
The place was buzzing, more people than  normal attraacted to the beach.
A very special evening.
On Monday we were taken by long tail boat to a floating restaurant amongst the floating fishing houses,
Then on to a smallish island out in the sea off the East coast.
We swam and played.
On Tuesday it was back to Khao Lak
Straight there and into the pool.
The idea was to chill and relax for the two extra nights we had chosen,
We visited a couple of tsunami monuments. Khao Lak was very badly hit. We saw the police boat taken by the wave 2 Kms inland, almost into the jungle,
We have been to other waterfalls,
But mostly it was a time to enjoy the lovely beach - unspoiled and natural.
We used the pool for swimming.
Breakfast overlooking the sea was paradise,,,,,,as were the sunsets.
Today we drove back to Phuket via another waterfall - the best.
The path through the jungle was good - a bit rocky in places. The falls were not vertical - the black rock sloped at an angle feom a great height and the water tumbled and slid. into a pool of refreshing water for paddling and swimming.
This evening John saw a doctor with an ear infection and is now on antibiotics.
Life must slow down a bit.
Things must be got ready for the new school term next week, Uniform in larger sizes needed.
The next few days will be for pottering (Billand me) and working (Jamie and Mam), We will for sure return toold Thalang Road in Phuket Town for more exploring and photos.,,,,,and drinks in Kopitiam, I have developed a passion for peaflower, soda and honey,
And of course we will be back at The Beach Bar,
On Sunday evening there will be  a birthday party for the son of a German friend (with Thai wife) - we will meet other people that we have met before over the years,
Sorry, no photos this time.
They are all on the main computer and I am using an old lap top in my air conditioned bedroom.
All is good......just wish my sking didn't feel like a thousand mosquitoes and ants are crawling over it and causing me to want to scratch.
This time next week we will be very close to home - with hearts full of a million memories.