Thursday, May 16, 2013


Littlehampton pictures

If only every day could be like this one.
Sussex was looking so good this morning as the sun burnt through the morning mist.
By the time we reached Ford, It was almost hot.
The site was very full of sellers today.
And I found sellers with more of the 1950s/60s West German pottery that I love.
I'll photograph it tomorrow.
After our breakfast we took the familiar walk through the town and out to the beach at Littlehampton.
We have walked by this building many times. It is St Catherine's Church.
Never before have we seen a shadow like that.

Bluebells were in little beds along side the road.

The tide was far out this morning.

The little pier was a centre for meeting friends, dozing or chatting.

A young man from the lifeboats too a quad bike around the beach......"I want one", said Bill.

We chatted awhile with a lovely aging rocker.....sitting in the sun, admiring his Harley.
It was pristine, lovingly cleaned and polished almost daily.

Back home there was tendency to want to doze.
But the lawns definitely needed attention. man went to mow, went to mow a meadow. The grass has been growing with great force for over a month - no longer a lawn, but a country field.
Indoors, I got busy with a duster and the vacuum cleaner.
So home and garden are looking better now - more relaxing to have got some work done.

Naturally the work did exhaust Bill. maybe he is dozing already.
He should see the doctor and we both should make appointments with the dentist.......hard to believe we have been back home for a week and we haven't found the oomph to make those appointments.