Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Maybe normal.

Are we getting back to normal?
Maybe......but life still feels out of balance.
Bill forgot his ostepoath's appointment this morning.
I started working through the ironing.
I haven't finished....but then who needs shorts and sun dresses at the moment?
By the time I stopped I had converted myself to a sitting down ironer.
I started standing and after about 5 items, waves of nausea swept through me and I felt faint. I can't stand still for long.
I then lowered the ironing board and sat working from my computer chair and things felt much better.
My mother always sat the table, not an ironing board. She had learned to make do without one of those.
Everybody else's mother had seemed important to me, a new wife, to get one.
Then we popped out to Lidl......we always get loo rolls from there. Just loo rolls? Well, of course not.
On the way home we popped in on Bill's sister, Pam for a cup of tea and a natter.
Family news and things and life in general.......and the need to make do; like my mother and her lack of ironing board.
Bill is resting again....sleeping maybe?
I have been dealing with more photos. Scroll down to find the next Thai instalment - a short one today.
We are out for the early part of the evening - looking after Felix and Otto for a couple of hours.
The weather here has been tolerably good - but still that chilly wind nips.
Tomorrow we will definitely go to Ford and Littlehampton.