Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Tha Sai Seafood. Phang Nga Province.

Many photos were taken - views and family pictures - at places where we ate.
In Phang Nga province (after the temple) we ate at Tha Sai Seafood.  Google it and you will find J's contributions.
We stopped outside in the lane - unaware of the lay out of this fabulous place.
It was built on the steep sloping river bank, terraces forming many levels.
This was the view from our table.

Jamie's picture.

My picture. We both have an urge to be creative.
Both pictures capture the impending rain and thunder........though very little actually reached us.

Enjoying the view and a beer.

I also enjoyed the view and a beer......but most of all I enjoyed being a proud mother and grandmother.

And I am proud, too, that the family is completely mad!

And completely loving!
 Time to leave.
We planned a trip to Hell!
More will be explained next time.

This article in a Phuket newspaper describes Jamie's first visit to Tha Sai Seafood.