Saturday, May 18, 2013


Day of rest for the family.

The first Monday with the Thai Monks was a rest day. In fact Jamie was in bed almost all day, suffering from a nasty digestive thing.
The rest of us felt fine and we lunched at a noodle shop in the village.

"Bloomin' rice again!" says Bill.
I say "Tasty, tasty!"
In the background are 2 smart office workers having their lunch. Thais use these noodle shops on a daily basis.

I had noodles.......but used a spoon and fork!
My drink was made from the fruit roselle (and sugar!) - very refreshing

I am sure Ashley can remember these toys. They are from Jamie's (I think)  childhood toybox.
They are now called Nannie and Grandad.

We relaxed in the garden.
I took lots of pictures of one beautiful palm tree.

They like the garden. Mam has developed this garden feature, using old wood. I plan to do something similar.

Waiting for supplies of good drinking water.

John, meanwhile was happy with his guitar.....playing along with You Tube.
Can't remember who he was playing along with.....Velvet Underground or some such band.