Friday, May 17, 2013


Sunset at the Sarasin Bridge.

The Sarasin Bridge was the original link between Phuket and the mainland - too small really for 21st century traffic.
A new bridge was built very recently.
We were there 18 months ago, not long after the old bridge had been renovated to create an attractive walk.
It has become an increasingly popular place to stop off - though I saw few foreign visitors there.
Sunset is always a good is over for the day, it feels a little cooler and the sky looks beautiful.

Children play, while adults buy snacks and drinks.

Dried fish, not my choice of snack!
There were many stalls there.

September 2011.
John decides to go off on his own across the bridge - stopping at the middle for a rest.

The new bridge is to the left.

Jamie wrote a blog about our visit in 2011.